5 Best Intel Processors in 2019

Best Intel Processors like core i3 , core i5, core i7 & Core i9 is Here:


Cores: 8 | Threads: 16 | Base Clock: 3.6GHz | Turbo Clock: 5.0GHz |

Overclocking: Yes, 4.9-5.0GHz typical | L3 Cache: 16MB | TDP: 95W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16

The best processor will mean tons of things. For pure recreation, the Core i9-9900K is overkill, unless you are coming up with an extreme build with a top-tier graphics card. For those who do over simply enjoying games, however, the Core i9-9900K reigns because of the overall king of performance. it is the quickest thought C.P.U.for the LGA1151 platform, period.

The Core i9-9900K does not have the core counts found of chips just like the i9-7980XE or Threadripper 2990WX, however, it boasts the best clock speed of any current processor, with wonderful per-core performance. place it in a very smart enthusiast motherboard and you are seeming to visualize all-core ‘stock’ clocks of four.7GHz, with lighter workloads striking five.0GHz out of the box.

+Exceptional performance

+Single-core results are incredible

-Monstrous overclocking power draw

-Over Priced

2. Intel Core i7-9700K

Intel Core i7-9700K


Cores: 8 | Threads: 8 | Base Clock: 3.6GHz | Turbo Clock: 4.9GHz |

Overclocking: Yes, 4.9-5.1GHz typical | L3 Cache: 12MB | TDP: 95W | PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16

Intel’s Core i7-9700K is a noteworthy step down from the i9-9900K. It sports the same variety of CPU cores, and clock speeds are similar yet, with most Z390 boards running the chip with all-core turbo speeds of four.6-4.7GHz. In games, it’s effectively tied with the costlier Core i9 however prices $100-$150 less. that is as a result of for the primary time, Intel has shipped a Core i7 while not Hyper-Threading.

It’s an equalization act between worth, performance, and options. Compared to the Core i7-8700K, it’s thirty-three p.ca lot of cores, that usually interprets directly into multithreaded performance. Hyper-Threading generally solely improves performance by 10-15 p.c, thus it is a web win. the lack of Hyper-Threading additionally means that the i7-9700K does not get nearly as hot because the Core i9, thus you’ll be able to get by with an honest air cooler.

+Solid multi-core performance

+Best value for an eight-core Intel chip

-Little benefit over cheaper Ryzen 1800X

-Threadripper is cheaper

3. Intel Core i5-8600K

best processor


Cores: 6 | Threads: 6 | Base clock: 3.6GHz | Boost clock: 4.30GHz | L3 cache: 9MB | TDP: 95W

In case you’re building a standout amongst other gaming PCs, and you don’t generally think about making substance or gushing, the processor you will need to focus on is the Intel Core i5-8600K.  Gaming is for the most part about that solitary strung execution. With this processor, you’ll have the capacity to run all the most recent amusements. Your GPU – simply don’t be astounded when rendering and encoding video takes longer.

+Excellent single-core performance

+High end gaming at a low price

-No multithreading

4. Core i3 8100

best processor


Cores: 4 | Threads: 4 | Base clock: 3.6GHz | L3 cache: 4MB | TDP: 65W

Center i3-8100 is a 64-bit quad-center section level execution x86 work area chip presented by Intel in mid-2017. This chip, or, in other words the Coffee Lake microarchitecture, is created on Intel’s third era 14 nm++ process. This processor, which has a base recurrence of 3.6 GHz with a TDP of 65 Watts, underpins up to 64 GiB of double channel DDR4-2400 ECC memory. The i3-8100 consolidates Intel’s UHD Graphics 630 IGP working at 350 MHz with burst recurrence of 1.1 GHz.

+High end gaming at a low price

-No multithreading

5. Intel Pentium G4560

best processor


Cores: 2 | Threads: 4 | Base clock: 3.5GHz | L3 cache: 3MB | TDP: 54W

With the measure of cash you spare by choosing the Pentium G4560 over a Core i3 chip, we guarantee you won’t see the slight misfortune in execution. As the main Pentium processor in quite a while to highlight hyper-threading, the G4560 makes a special effort to demonstrate to every one of us what we’ve been absent. Furthermore, in benchmarks it more than substantiates itself frightfully nearby the more costly Intel Core i3-7100.

+Closely tails Core i3-7100

+Supports hyper-threading

-Limited to DDR4-2400 memory

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